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Amelia [Henderson, NV]

The 115 degree heat has finally surrendered to the fall breezes and a little princess ventures outside in search of...

Princess Amelia's true love has gone missing! So she hopped on her magic carpet in hopes of finding him. Her journey took her on many adventures and gifted her many amazing sights. She rode giant elephants, danced with ballerinas, reached the highest peaks with a very stylish monkey, befriended a menagerie of animals, and made a wish with a funny blue man.

Along the way, she discovered that home has all the love she'll need. So, after a heartfelt song sent on the winds to her prince, she ran back to the warmth of her family's arms.

He still remains missing to this day but the Princess is confident he'll find his way home too.

One thing is guaranteed, the Princess Amelia will have a Magical fourth birthday!!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!


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