"I wish I could freeze this moment"

Remember the time you'd wrap your arms around your best friend you haven't seen in Forever and hold them tight; hold yourself together as you laugh harder than ever before; close your eyes and breathe in the smell of a newborn baby - all the moments that make you wish time could stop and last forever?

Those moments are why I love what I do.


I've had a camera in my hands since elementary school. Even then, I understood the importance of your memories. With my skills and joy, you'll receive tangible memories of where you are now; with every baby eyelash to every laugh-line and all the love in between.


My portrait style is less focused on "smile at the camera" and a lot more "enjoy the moment".

Why? Because at the end of the day, when you hold these photos in your hands or see them on your walls, you should remember the moment with the greatest fondness of you and your family rather than me.


When you pull these portraits out 20 years from now, I want you to see each person as they were in that moment. I want you to remember everyone's personalities and the connection you all have.


Ready to book? Great! You can contact me here. I can't wait to give you your little pieces of forever.

* Crystal-Lynn *


Crystal-Lynn, Crystal, or CKe (the E is silent). I'll respond to it all!

Here's a little bit about me :)

~ I was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii (but I never learned to swim until I moved to the States - go figure).

~ Although Henderson, NV holds a special place in my heart, I want to see the world. My ultimate dream is to visit Ireland.


~ Potatoes are my kryptonite! Fries, tots, wedges, sweet, mashed, baked... Mmmm

~ I could watch Jim Henson's "The Labyrinth" a million times in a row and it would never be boring (David Bowie helps).

~ Currently, my life revolves around Photography, my nieces and nephew, and leading my local church's youth ministry.

~ I'm mostly a country music girl but my mood can vary from Frank Sinatra to Paramore and everything in between.

~ I'm that type of girl who buys more books than her lifetime will allow her to read.

~ I think you and I would be great friends because I know how much you love your family!

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