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April's Milk Bath [Henderson, NV]

After seeing all those adorable babies swimming in milk and flowers, I've finally captured my niece, April, in her very own milk bath!

Even though she was born in October, little April is like springtime all the time. She loves to bring joy to everyone with her funny faces, squishy kisses, and her very outspoken personality. I think she's going to do great things because she was born with a little bit of her heart on her chest - a little red spot that, when she was born, looked like a heart.

Both her baby shower and her birthday party had a floral theme, so I figured, what better way to showcase her uniqueness than with a creamy milk bath. I think she was a little unsure of having so many flowers to eat (and not being in her usual baby tub) that the serious part of her personality really shows.

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