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Dreaming of Christmas Presents

Mothers everywhere can tell you that one of the most beautiful moments of motherhood is watching their children as they dream. My nephew fell asleep in front of the Christmas tree and I took full advantage of this rare moment of peace (and quiet).

Daniel (or as I call him, Danno) is quite possibly the most loving little 4 year old I've ever known - and that's not an aunty-driven opinion...well, mostly. In addition to playing and Paw Patrol, he loves running up and giving gigantic hugs. Our bedtime routine would be incomplete if he doesn't hug every single person goodnight. Ever since he could crawl, Danno's been very active and rambunctious - always looking for something to do and get into. So when he takes his nap, we all collectively collapse on the couch in relief that we'll get a couple hours of uninterrupted calm.

As much as I love watching him explore and tap into his never ending supply of energy, I also love when I get the chance to capture the calm in the middle of the storm.

It took a few tries but a few days later, I was able to successfully transfer little April from my arms to the floor so she could have some Christmas dreams too! :)

Then when she woke, she explored a little bit of the magic that is Christmas lights!

I hope you had an amazing holiday season!

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