Adoptable Animals

A great photograph can change the life of a shelter pet forever. In the past, many shelters would use their intake photos to advertise their adoptable animals. Intake photographs are often cold and unfriendly; animals are frightened, injured, and over all, do not connect with prospective families.


However, studies have shown that high quality photographs greatly increases the odds of an animal being adopted. They showcase the animal's personality with warmth and love.

This simple change can improve an animal's life by shortening their shelter stay from months to a matter of hours or days.

With the rapid spread of information on social media, it is possible for animals to be adopted within HOURS of their new photo being posted.

This dramatic difference is why shelters and caretakers will Never pay a fee to have their animals photographed by me. I work with shelter staff and caretakers to photograph as many animals as I can during the time I'm at the facility or caretaker's location choice.



I bring all of the tools I need to capture incredible portraits.


I will process each photo and deliver images sized for online advertisements.

I will also share those images to my own social platforms for added exposure.


*Shelter facilities and caretakers outside the Las Vegas Valley (Clark County, NV) will be charged a nominal travel fee.

Examples of Before & Afters

Which pet would you adopt?