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Eternity [Henderson, NV]

I've been looking forward to this session for the longest very first senior session! I always look at the seniors in my youth group and can envision all the different personalities shining through their portraits.

Senior portraits have always held a special place in my heart since I was looking for images to give my own yearbook committee for my senior page in the yearbook. I didn't have any professional portraits taken for HS but I did when I graduated college and I am so glad I did.

Now when I look back at those images, I remember the pure joy of Finally being DONE with school! ^_^

I felt the same vibe from Eternity during her session - the joy of surviving high school and the excitement to start this new chapter of her life! Eternity made memories in her cultural club; she’s looking forward to exploring her major in Dermatology. The University of Reno is far enough to feel on her own but close enough that she can still come home for more than just Thanksgiving.

I’ve know Eternity for years now and it’s unbelievable how much she’s grown but I’m positive her strength and grace will be an amazing addition to UNR. Good luck Eternity!

P.S. I hope this little guy was a sign of good luck for you. ^_^


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