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Anthony [Henderson, NV]

I have known Anthony for several years and I have been looking forward to this day - his senior session!

Anthony is an incredible person that I am so blessed to know. He first came to our youth group bright-eyed and in love with his faith. As he grew, so did his faith. His desire to reach others inspired him to join the youth group's teen leadership team "Juniors for Jesus".

I've also seen him grow and flourish in the Basic High School choir where he's developed lifelong friendships and made some amazing memories that I'm sure he'll keep forever. He's even accomplished some incredible feats like the very selective seasonal choirs and, even the even more selective,Honor Choirs. The Honor Choirs are compiled of applicants from high school choirs all over the Las Vegas valley and involves a nerve-wracking audition in which many do not do well. I myself was not able to join the Honor Jazz even once during high school. This being his last year, he's been accepted onto the choir leadership team where he'll help mentor the and inspire his fellow classmates. Anthony's also been a member of Basic's National Honor Society - no surprise since it encompasses both of his greatest qualities: service and leadership.

Anthony enjoys all things Apple and has great aspirations of joining their tech and engineering team. He's working towards being part of the team that creates and develops all of the technology that'll take us into the future. With his creative brain, I await the day I see his name attached to a new piece of tech.

There is nothing more important to him than his family and it shows. I am incredibly proud of the young man he has become and I look forward to witnessing his bright future.

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