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Rebeca [Henderson, NV]

I'm so excited to share this session with you today! We weren't sure how everything would come together for Rebeca's big day but we knew we wanted to have fun either way, and that's just what we did! Although we didn't immediately head to her quinceañera party afterwards, Rebeca still rocked her ballroom dress like a queen!

A quinceañera is one major milestone for a young girl with a Spanish fire. Much like a sweet sixteen or debut, or a wedding, it's a day she spends years planning and Pinning ideas, preparing for, and praying over. Starting with a Liturgy Mass and ending with a reception/party, it's a day she'll remember forever. Then 2020 happened.

I don't like cancelling party plans. Matter of fact, when my party plans aren't going according to plan, I can spiral pretty wildly. But Rebeca and her family's decision to forgo the big party and instead spend time together is the perfect testament to the biggest blessing 2020's offered - a refocus on what and who is most important. She courageously stomped on 2020's face with her combat boots and said that this won't get her down! Since I've known her, Rebeca always asks the big important questions, isn't afraid of getting ahead of an issue, wholeheartedly follows her passions, and dreams big. I'm looking forward to all the ways she's going to make her imprint in the world.

December 15, 2020


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