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2020 Community Spokesmodel Program

~ Application below ~

What is a Community Spokesmodel?

A community spokesmodel with Crystal-Lynn Ke Photography (CLKP) is truly like no other in Las Vegas!

Centered around exploring your individuality and serving the community, every spokesmodel will have the opportunity to use their unique talents to bring joy and light to others while also being the face of CLKP.

Open to applicants 11 years of age and older, spokesmodels are kind, friendly, enthusiastic, and outgoing. Most importantly, they're willing to embrace and explore their confidence within themselves.

After reviewing all of the applications, I'll be choosing spokesmodels for the following age groups:

Crescents : 11-13 years old

Quarters : 14-18 years old

Lunas : 18+ years old

All spokesmodels will receive:

  • A full portrait session to showcase your individuality - a 2 hour on-location session with professional hair and makeup

  • A complimentary mini session - 30min solo or with family/friends on-location

  • Special spokesmodel only events and activities

  • Group photo sessions with the other spokesmodels as well as opportunities for other portrait sessions throughout the year

  • $35 cash back applied to the program fee for each referral that books with CLKP

  • $30 in cash for each referral that books with CLKP after 10 referrals (and the program fee of $350 has been returned)

  • Digital files from each session

  • Featured spread on my blog and social media

  • Access to a private Facebook group

  • Build community and have Fun

  • and more!

We'll also work as a team to determine, plan, and carry out our community project(s) throughout the year.

Spokesmodel Requirements

  • Pay the program fee. Everything included in the spokesmodel program is valued at $1500. But you can take part in the entire program for ONLY $350 - this is the ONLY fee associated with the program and can be earned back with referral bookings

  • Attend the meet and greet event with the other spokesmodels

  • Actively promote CLKP to people you meet, including, but not limited to: Posting session and behind-the-scenes photos to social media 3-4 times every month Displaying a session photo as your social media profile photo Word of mouth promotions of CLKP to individuals, students, families, maternity, and couples

  • Actively participate in the group activities and photo sessions throughout the year - you're not required to attend All of the spokesmodel group sessions but should make every honest effort to participate in as many as s/he can

  • Social media tags will often include #CLKePhotography, #Crystallynnke, #CLKeFamily, #CLKeSenior, #CLKeMaternity and other relevant tags to encourage friends/followers to book with the photographer

  • Use CLKP as your sole photographer for the duration of the program (1 year)

The Application Process

  • Complete and submit the application by Mon, June 15, 2020

  • Applicants will receive a confirmation email and a graphic to announce their submission and to start representing Crystal-Lynn Ke Photography

  • Spokesmodels will be chosen by Wed, July 1, 2020

  • Parents of minors will be called first (so make sure your parents know you're applying).

  • If chosen, spokesmodels will receive a package in the mail to find out what's next.

  • If you're not chosen, don't worry! I'll keep your application on file for future events like styled sessions or model calls. You'll also receive notification of next year's application launch before everyone else!

Ready to Apply?

Application goes live on Fri, May 15, 2020!!


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